Thursday, February 14

Project Mode

Life in the sun. The weather here has been nothing short of amazing - if anything, it's been surprisingly warm. Feels especially warm when I hear from friends in Salt Lake or Boulder. This is why I come here... well, this is one of the many reasons, but with weather like this, I stay pretty stoked on life.

I've been making the hike I know so well, into Arrow Canyon, again and again. This time I have a new objective, a new project. So far it's been a slow process - lots of cleaning, preparing this route for climbing, and long sessions of sussing. It's a tricky bastard, thanks for the epic belays everyone! Because of the conditions and aspect, plus various other factors, I've only been able to manage one burn, sometimes a burn.5 a day... thankfully that phase is coming to an end though, now that I've got the entire rig (to be fair, 99.9%) figured out, linkage has began. Where once there was just dust covered stone, now chalk, ticks, sequences emerge. The process of learning a new route, finding holds, tricky methods... secrets. It's my favorite thing. I feel that this will be one of my best contributions to date if I can get it done. It's got a great variety of climbing styles, holds, and difficulties on excellent rock. Stay tuned for more!

....La Lune Project... 
Zeke and Gracie steadily playing / brawling

Just got off the phone with homeboy Tommy Caldwell, and he's on his way down here for some.... wait for it... sport climbing! Should be rad. Welcome to my world dude! He gave me the Yosemite tour and now I can give him the desert bolt clipping tour (read: Tommy will likely crush me) ha! Many good friends have been coming through town this month, and our house is always something of a hostel for the drifters in Vegas. Exciting times. 

good people.
Many various projects, bolting missions, even a few boulder problems are on my mind, but this new rig in Arrow is priority ONE. Wish me luck and I'll keep you guys up to date!

Check out this interview that I did with my good friend and inspiring climber Heather Robinson - also keep your eyes peeled for a couple new gear reviews in the next few days.