Monday, August 31


On the road. Truck life.... and it's as good as I remembered. So much time outside. Sleeping like a champ. Camp fires, bolting routes, climbing until the sun sets.

Last week I turned 30 years old, in the company of good friends, in one of my favorite places. I'll let the photos do the talking, but let it be said that my life is so good and I'm thankful every single day. To everyone out there that texted, called, wrote and said to me happy birthday wishes thank you thank you thank you. My community is my family and I have a big one, an awesome one. 

Cheers everyone!

As for the climbing... I tried to hone my trad game a little in Indy Pass, and then tested it last night on a new 40 meter 13d / 14a gear line in the Fins. More info to come soon, but it's a stunner. Now there's a short little bouldery thing that is next on my list. Will need to draw from all of my experience this summer to pull it off. Wish me luck... 

Sunday, August 9

almost to the road...

Last week I wrapped up my Bouldering goal for the summer and immediately started thinking ahead to the fall. I have tried my best over the last year to explore new places, despite how tempting it can be to just return to the same incredible spots over and over.

'Phallus' V12 will be my boulder problem for this season.. but I'm cooking up plans for a few bouldering trips next year! 
I've been taking some GoPro footage over the last month of some of my efforts in RMNP. EpicTV will be hosting a grip of short videos soon, I will let you know when and where ! 

I saw so many new crags in the last 12 months, it has been so invigorating and stoke inducing. Nothing like arriving at a wall that you have never touched. All new warm ups, all new projects, all new scene. It's like traveling in general.. very stimulating and I love it. That being said, some routes and areas are very special and they deserve many seasons of effort and returning again and again. I'll be exploring brand new (to me) crags this winter when I return to beloved Catalunya but for this next trip I will be visiting - potentially for the last time - some of my very favorite crags, in search of some new stuff. And I'm pretty confident I will find it.

So next week I am off to Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming. In the meantime I have been staying rarely busy. I'm using juggling several things at once but this last week or 10 days has been next level for me. Finishing my time in RMNP, a surprise commercial gig out of state, the Outdoor Retailer Show and seemingly dozen of other opportunities have kept me running at full pace. Life is good - amazing really, but I'm ready for some *brief* downtime...

DONT MISS the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous next weekend, the 15th of August! I'm doing a slide-show on my life in Rocky Mountain National Park, Spain, and more. Will be rad!

Enjoy a review that I just finished on a brand new Computer bag from Incase, and have a watch if you missed the second edition from Smith Optics --- Era Vella 9a, Estado Critico 9a and more...