Sunday, February 15

ABS weekend wrap-up

Boulder's own boulder climbing competition weekend is officially over! The ABS Citizens Comp at the Boulder Rock Club went off super well on Saturday. Turn out could have been higher, but generally it was a mellow, enjoyable comp and everybody was loving the problems. Again, big shouts to everybody who worked hard on that event and put in the over time friday. We left the problems and the foam out today, and the turn out was killer, perhaps even a little too much so and my sunday night chill session was actually not that chill- the BRC was PACKED. As far as ABS NATIONALS went, I was not there, but I hear it went awesome. My friends did really well, Ethan Pringle taking 4th, Julian Bautista at 5th, Alex Puccio taking 3rd, Lisa Rands at 5th and Emily Harrington at 8th or 13th (?confusing), however you want to look at it but.. but hell yeah Emily!! Matt Segal gave a swing at comp climbing again and finished in a proud 12th, and my boy Matty Hong crushed the youth Nat. for a 3rd place finish. (full results are here). Stoked for all you boulderers gettin rowdy over at the Spot and at the BRC! hell yeah. 

I'm running on a week+ of only bouldering.. This is probably the longest stretch of not tying in I have been on in over a year- seriously. I am stoked on the next couple days of good weather (fingers crossed) to have another opportunity to climb outside and put my gym bouldering spree to the test. I have to admit though, I can not wait to tie in and climb routes again.. its definitely my preferred type of climbing. Working my weakness has been humbling to say the least, but inspiring too because I see the room for growth. I will find a balance for working power here and there and keeping to the route climbing I love.. but for now I am bingeing on boulders!!

If you are in the Boulder area and have not hiked Bear Peak, I highly suggest it. Marisa and I had a awesome time hiking it today in the snow and enjoyed a nearly empty trail the whole way- Fern Canyon is RAD by the way. Routes like Superfresh and the Mentor sit right on the trail and have historic value in addition to enjoyable climbing. Go get it!

Lastly.. Not having TV is a blessing, however, whenever I go to someone's house that has TV I am virtually comatose by the flashing lights and fancy product placement. When I awaken from the trance my profound realization is consistently that TV = horse shit, but once and a while I see something dope- and this is dope. check it- (opps viacom got mad so no more cool video sorry)