Friday, February 20

Hittin' the Road

I'm heading down to Shelf Road this weekend and I could not be more excited to get outside on a ROPE, work on my bronze (or lack thereof) and yank pockets. I hear a lot of sh*t talking about Shelf and it all bounces off me. I love the place. The landscape is gorgeous, the routes are a plenty and the sun is hot. I admit it is not the expert's crag and although I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5.13 climbing there- it can be painful. However, for a good time at virtually all ability levels below 12+ it is a blast.

In other, not so current news, I came across this interview I did with last year and I thought I might share it for those who don't know me too well. I thought they asked some interesting questions and this interview stands out to me as one I enjoyed. 

Heading to the 'Pure' movie premier tonight? Make sure not to miss the Rocky Mountain Highball trailer and (*shhhhh!*) the premier date announcement!!! FINALLY! Have a good weekend everybody. (photo- Kathy Lenz climbs the awesome 'I Claudius' 5.11 at Shelf)