Thursday, April 2


The Front Range continues to get DUMPED on.. leaving the once inspired to consistently ask, 'Will there ever be a weekend for which rock climbing will prevail?!!'

Meanwhile, my life remains all too exciting by means of slippery cold runs, gym climbing link ups, allowing my girlfriend to cut my hair and reacquainting myself with the once forgotten art of Nintendo 64. However! I remain inspired- and so should you.. The upside of this moisture is that all of our favorite climbing / running / hiking / skiing areas will not catch on fire ten times this summer- well at least not TEN times maybe six or four or something. Plus it allows us school-goers to actually do some school work. 

At least I rest assured that one place on Earth is experiencing fantastic weather- Northern Thailand, one of my favorite places to eat, climb, explore, hang out (enjoy the included photos thanks to CMRCA). 

Oh and I will share some photos of my newly cut faux-hawk soon, I could really use some feedback (Damn, am I really that starved for excitement??) If you are out and about looking for some inspiration this friday- swing by Urban Pearl and check out photographer John Lloyds new art opening. Stay tuned..