Monday, October 5

Colorado Burl

My long awaited, first ever trip to the Red River Gorge has finally come within sight. With a longer trip to such an awesome spot on the near horizon, I've been inspired to try to push a breakthrough and give some effort to up my game before I head out there. Breaking from my short-trip routine of not attempting anything too involved for a couple tries, I am thinking about focusing my energy and time on fewer, harder routes while in the Red. In an effort to train up and also remain outside I've spent some time up at the Industrial Wall and the Monastery. I put in some effort on a really, really cool route at the Industrial Wall (Terminal Velocity 14a) that was rumored to be especially hard for the shorter climber- and those rumors had kept me off of it until I had a chance to check it out last week. I found some very low-percentage, albeit super interesting and exciting beta through the crux, sans the typical knee-bar, that seems like it may work. Of course the Monastery always offers a good pump, and I had a blast up there this past weekend with a solid group of friends. I happily ran a number of repeats in the semi-freezing temps while others crushed as well, most notably the ever-impressive Paige Claassen firing 'The Quickening' 13c in a day- just sickening.
Of the utmost importance is the following spray about Andy Mann and I's team slide-show at the Boulder Rock Club 8pm this Wednesday. Titled 'Colorado Burl', it will showcase some of the sickest trad, sport and boulder climbing routes the front range has to offer. Expect to be entertained to the maximum, drink some free beer (Avery no doubt) and maybe even walk away with some Arcteryx, Sportiva or Boulder Rock Club swag. Sounds like a ball right?! oh yeah, and it's FREE, although there will be a donation jar (WINK, WINK). Be there!!
I am hoping to get away next weekend but the weather is not looking too promising around here. Within 6 hours of Boulder- In search of a brilliant pump and some enjoyable temps- any suggestions? yeah.. I'm thinking wyoming...

Don't forget to get your plastic training on for the first of the Boulder Climbing Series competitions coming up just around the corner (Oct 16th). This will unfortunately be the one and only of the series that I will be able to set for- so if you're fiendin' for some challenging JSTAR routes you can't miss it!

Photo: Paige gettin' down to business while B-Real and I are looking G-ed up from the feet up at the Monastery, straight freezing!