Monday, November 30

Thai Coffee and Air Asia

The process of planning a trip has got to be one of the most exciting and empowering feelings. When I find myself anticipating a period of freedom and I have the means to explore and adventure, I can't help but enjoy the countless possibilities in vivid detail- to myself and even aloud to others (could be annoying, I know- sorry). 'Well! we could go here, and climb at this wall and then head into town and do this and then take a [bus, train, plane, car, bicycle, hovercraft] to this crag and then stay there and maybe we could...' it goes on and on. I love it. During this period of my life I feel both fortunate and privileged to be able to almost consistently enjoy such an activity as planning trips. This very statement no doubt makes some of you cringe- some HATE this process. I love it. I intend to continue the cycle as long as possible.

I was reflecting on this as I scanned innumerable Asian airline sites, Thai coffee on my left [basically drugs- how many violently shaky days will it take for me to finally learn my lesson..!?], in the attempts to book flights for a killer East Asian tour. I'm awaiting reply from my good friends Lauren Lee, Keith Ladzinski and Scott Milton (Sandra too?) to see if this will be a solo adventure or a group one- but the potential plans include a lengthy stay at Yangshou, climbing and exploring in Hong Kong, dance floor domination in Shanghai and a stay in Malaysia as well as a dip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. STOKED.

After some relaxing and excessive alcohol consumption during an incredible Northern Thai wedding last week, I decided it's time to step up my game in preparation of this trip.. CMRCA is my crew out here. This guiding business has a bad ass retail shop and a bouldering wall out back as well, right in the heart of Chiang Mai. With the help of a couple buds, we tore down the bouldering wall, cleaned a sh*t load of grips and put up a plethora of wicked problems, that, if motivation persists, have the potential to get me buffed up before my East Asia trip.. I'm on it.

A little plastic love and some long days at the nearby crag, Crazy Horse (ass kicking good times out here) could be the training cocktail that I'm looking for. With the help of my crew at CMRCA I'm also on the look out for new lines and committed to bolt some classics before I leave Thailand.

Photos: ...before and after... View from the roof of my building, jyeah!