Thursday, May 6

Zero seconds to Launch!

... and so it is. Countdown clock is at zero, and despite a long period of excited planning, (of course) the past few hours have felt hurried and even stressful. We're off on a much anticipated adventure around the North-Western U.S. and through Canada, with no set end date. After months of tireless effort, I can proudly say I'm in peak condition and my motivation is at a joyous high.

First stop is beautiful Smith Rocks, a history laden spot I've dreamed of visiting for ages. We've got video and photographic capabilities and we'll be doing our best, along with Sportiva LIVE to bring frequent updates and stories from the road!

During stressful moments before a long trip, I'm always comforted by the far more stressful moments in the past.. Nothing could be more complicated than when we packed this taxi full of crash pads in Cambodia.. at least we had plenty of help! Josh Morris Photo.

The Subaru is packed, our iPhones are charged and our spirits are high.. See you guys n gals out on the open pavement! Cheers..