Saturday, November 6

snow in the Red

I got my first taste of winter last night.. watching a few snow flakes drift past the window while we huddled around the house's one and only heat source. Due to popular demand, that propane heater remained on all night, and for the first time I actually felt kinda hot up in the attic. Despite this particular morning's exceedingly late start (due to near freezing temps), this coolness comes as a great relief to many of us.. including homeboy Ethan Pringle, who grabbed the second ascent of the 'Golden Ticket' yesterday after battling sweaty tips and not perfect temps for two weeks. Excellent job dude!

After returning to Kentucky, I went directly back to the 'Honeycomb Project', a route I had frequently thought about while I was away. Over the last few days the pieces of this route have come together really nicely, and now I finally feel ready to redpoint this long, bouldery, beast of a route. The route is so sharp, and condition dependent, that I've been getting only one effort a day on it before retreating to other crags. Thus my progress has seemed quite gradual, but also tangible. With a long stay ahead of me, and the recent arrival of a willing and super psyched belay partner (Bret Johnston, SEATTLE REPRESENT!!!), I'm trying to remain patient (very hard for me) and not overdo my skin trying this thing, knowing that one go too many could cost me days of finger tip recovery time. It's helpful that I have very few remaining routes to do in the Red because it's kept me simply repeating skin friendly, pumpy climbs in the afternoons in-between catching Bret.
Bret's in the house.
Speaking of recovery, we had a killer rest day yesterday at the Woodford Reserve Distillery and hanging about Lexington. Now we're loathing about the house, waiting for the sun as the temperature slowly creeps to 40F. Hopefully, not before too long, I'll be booting up beneath the Honeycomb!

Distillery Tour:
Surprisingly delicious Bourbon. Very cool rest day.