Thursday, December 30


When I left for the Midwest I was feeling a surge of motivation as I began planning for the coming year and my training was just picking up after a long week off from climbing. I guess I just assumed that spending 8 days in middle America would not affect my psych... but damn, it is work to stay active and engaged in training during the holidays. Especially when you're out of your element (in the Nation's fattest state to boot). In between delicious meals and enjoying family I did sneak away to check out some of the Midwest's indoor climbing facilities and even as fun as it was, I decided in the end that rest would likely benefit me more than trying to turn this holiday vacation into something it wasn't.
.....being indoors.... a lot.
Of course, as expected, if you take something away you'll wind up wanting it that much more.. and I could not wait to get home and beat myself up at the Boulder Rock Club. Especially now that I've made plans to check out the climbing around lovely Las Vegas in January. I've never been to this zone that I've heard so much about. I'm not much of a gambler either, but the bright lights and dazzling energy of Sin City definitely intrigues me. Now I just need to do some catch up training to compensate for all those cookies, Culvers and deep fried ice cream (disclaimer: I never ate Culvers or deep fried ice cream) and I'll be psyched and on the road again!
Big thanks to the awesome crowd at Adventure Rock in Pewaukee, Wisconsin for always showing us a good time. Also, if you're ever in the area, definitely check out Boulders in Madison for some of the coolest real rock textured holds I've ever grabbed. I'd also like to simply take a moment to appreciate how psyched everyone is out there.. the winters are BRUTAL, there's hardly any rock within a day trip, and good gyms are few and far between. Yet, the joyous Midwesterner remains psyched and ambitious, patiently waiting for that distant week of vacation spent (inevitably) in the Red with a long and arduously researched tick-list in hand. Meanwhile, a lazy Front Ranger plays Call of Duty on a 50 degree day in January, complaining that 'Eldo is all just vertical and the Flatirons is too far to hike'... I salute you Midwesterner!

Hope you all had a great holiday..