Sunday, December 12

past and plans

I feel that it is important every now and then, in any pursuit, to occasionally halt your day to day grind, take a moment to reflect on your recent past - both successes and failures, rest and start fresh. This is precisely what December has been for me thus far. The last year has proved to be a breakthrough year for me in many respects.. but like anyone, I also suffered various defeats. It feels both healthy and righteous to take a minute and rejoice in those wins and also examine my losses in climbing of course, but also in general. Thinking ahead, I find myself tending towards larger and larger goals and as I create said goals, I become immediately motivated. For me, planning has always been nearly as fun as execution and as I plan for the coming year, I must say.. I am unbelievably stoked! There's much work to be done!!!!!!

In the spirit of reflection.. I flipped through the old 2010 photo library and dug up some images to share from this past year. Enjoy!
quickdraws in the pipedream
name this boulder problem and I'll buy you a 6-pack (Andy Mann, you only get a 40 oz.)
Fall in Boulder
midnight in the San Rafael Swell
Wild Iris, Wyoming.
gourmet road tripping
we found Zeke on the highway in Kentucky, on Thanksgiving Day. After much deliberation, he managed to nab a seat in the Subaru on the way home. He lives in Colorado now and as it turns out, he is an excellent running partner
The Kitchen at Makers Mark
New Castle.. waiting out the sun..
'There's a KNEEBAR!'
Scamp. Leif approves.