Friday, June 3


Somehow I had convinced myself that the drive from Boulder to Bend, OR was 16 hours.. so when we stopped off in SLC to visit with our good friends Leif and Lindsay Gasch, naturally we took our time, had a killer breakfast at the Park Cafe, strolled around Whole Foods and chatted it up - assuming that at 8 hours, we were half way there. Well, unfortunately my recollection was slightly off - by about 4 hours. Needless to say, Wednesday was a surprisingly (*disappointingly) long haul.
I had a ball running in the Bolder Boulder 10k with tens of thousands of
enthusiastic runner types last week. It's pretty fantastic people
watching, and it's always fun to take part in such a huge event.
myself and Zeke.. determined to get there.
flood zone in Burns, central Oregon
country love
We pulled into our buddy Greg Garretson's country home quite a bit later than expected. We made it though - and we were rewarded with minimal crowds and a shockingly cool day for June 1. Marisa got her first delicious taste of the incredible volcanic tuft that is Smith, and I finally got to revisit the Monkey Face, where I pleasantly discovered my draws still danglin'. Hopefully this unseasonably cool weather continues, so I can 'Just Do It'!!