Monday, October 8

To the Valley

Every bit as fast as I unpacked, I'm all packed again. This time I'm in for an exceptional adventure. About a month ago, Tommy Caldwell, emailed me to congratulate my success repeating his 'The Honeymoon is Over', and asked if I'd be willing to put my plans for the Red aside and join the effort on the Dawn Wall in Yosemite this October. Despite my reservations, seemingly unpreparedness, excitement to return out East, etc, etc, etc, I knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Just to be asked to join him was an extreme honor, and I knew that I couldn't say no.

Immediately, I began gathering gear, looking ahead and attempting to empower my nervousness into stoke all the while trying to stay focused on my goals in Idaho. Thankfully it's all come together, and here I am, literally about to hit the road with a truck full of gear, canned food, warm clothes and a pile of climbing shoes. I feel very, very excited to get on the wall and experience such a futuristic project first hand. Tommy has long been a huge role model and inspiration of mine and to team up with him on his biggest project to date is seriously a dream come true. Kevin Jorgeson is taking a separate road for the rest of this month, heading down the Grand Canyon on a long awaited family trip, but I was stoked to hear that he'll be joining us on the wall in early November for our push. Truly a bad ass team! I could write about this upcoming adventure for hours, but honestly, I gotta hit the road! We'll be on the wall this Wednesday....  wish us luck!!

A few videos - a taste of what's to come...