Sunday, January 5


2014. Damn. 

2013 ended well. Surrounded with great friends, many opportunities opening up and exciting things in my future. One thing that I've always worked towards in my life is having something rad on the horizon, something inspiring to look forward to and something challenging coming up to motivate growth.

Since I returned from Bali in late November I've been steadily looking ahead. For the first time in my climbing I've been working with a trainer, trying new things and changing my habits. My goals have evolved and in an effort to really improve I wanted to finally check out what I could have been missing. It has of course been difficult but also awesome and very inspirational for me. I truly feel like I'm improving which is an amazing feeling.

In December I met new friends, and I spent invaluable time with some of my oldest friends. I honed my discipline into a radically different training program. I set routes in New York, I set routes at the Boulder Rock Club and I even set routes at a brand new gym at CU Boulder. I started shaping a line of my own holds - a vision that I've had for many years - with master shaper Ian Powell and Kilter Holds. I've been writing a piece for the American Alpine Journal, and working on several other editorial pieces. It's been a very successful, stressful and also an exciting month.

As soon as the year wrapped up, I packed my truck again. Said goodbye to lovely Boulder, Co and drove westward. This is my 4th year in Las Vegas. I'm sure it's evident by now, but I really love this place - the climbing, the landscape, the people, the experience, the lifestyle. In the last several years I've spent more time in Vegas than anywhere else, including my home state Colorado. It really is starting to feel more and more like 'home'. Although the truck, and wherever Zeke dog sleeps remains my most reliable place of rest.

Yesterday I was back in Arrow Canyon. Starring at the same wall as I did last year, and the year before that. I left empty handed after my battle last year but I'm ambitious and hopeful that I can make it happen this time around. Le Rêve's neighbor, 'La Lune' is my hardest project yet and one that I've been dreaming about all year. Wish me luck... and a very happy 2014 to everyone! Thanks for another year of support. Hope to see you guys out there...