Saturday, January 25

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I often feel like momentum can be one of our greatest assets as climbers. It's easy to let go after a big win. We all want to celebrate, and enjoy the feeling of success and accomplishment - especially after hard work - it's important to enjoy it. It's these moments that give our months of training, our hours in the gym and our determination purpose. But I try to keep it brief. I've noticed over the years that this feeling is also a very powerful motivator. You just sent. You're confident, you're strong, and your inspired. Use this energy and put it forward!
smarvs books some air miles on the classic 'Gift'
good people
I took my stoke from La Lune and aimed it directly towards another incredible project. It's at a seldom visited, but truly special limestone crag outside of Red Rocks called The Promised Land. Several amazing projects were left behind at this stunning, remote crag developed in the 90's. I've visited this crag over the last few years and always had it floating in the back of my mind to one day revisit and get stoked on. It seemed like a good time and I'm so, so glad to be back up there. I'm very excited about the climbing up there. 

Seth Lytton reviving and projecting another forgotten PL rig. 
A few days back I finally got all of the moves done on this amazing golden, blue, bullet rock, super thin, bouldery and puzzling project. Yesterday I made such promising links that I decided to rest today and go hard for a redpoint tomorrow and monday. YES!
Neely Quinn riding the radical stoke train on 'Day One' 13b
Hope everyone has a great weekend out there.

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