Monday, August 18

back to truck life

For the last month my plans and ambitions have been constantly changing. On my first day back climbing from Europe at the Lander International Climbers Fest I jumped to a pocket and ended up stressing a tendon pretty good. From there my stoke for the Colorado alpine remained high but weeks of wetter than average conditions and the slow healing process kept me mostly in the gym. Although late July and August turned out much different than I had envisioned, I am so excited to say that I feel almost totally recovered now and thus I'll be heading off on the next mission in 2 days.

It's really been a cool chance to relax a little, recover and spend time with good people here. My parents live in South Boulder and they always welcome my visits, long or short. So I've been holding it down in my old stomping grounds, eating well, hanging out with Zeke and keeping on the rehab program pretty hardcore. 

Bob Siegrist

Zeke is ready for the road
I did get a chance to test out my fingers and fitness on a quick stop in Northern California after the Outdoor Retailer show last week. We looked up Trinity Aretes out there, a nice little crag buried in the forests 90 minutes inland from Eureka. It's a small crag but the limestone is drippy and impressive albeit a little dirty. 'If' 13b has some full on tufa climbing on streaked, hard limestone. I also did the pumpy king line, 'Mean Streak' 14a despite my desperate lack of endurance after a month of mostly resting or weight training. Hopefully I can pull it together here for the next 3.5 months on the road. 

Ocean. I rarely get to enjoy it. Immense, beautiful, terrifying and captivating.

For the next several months I'll be stopping by several of my favorite zones, but mostly checking out new spots which I couldn't be more stoked on. Stay tuned for updates on the adventure, and wish me luck!