Monday, January 6

Still buzzing on this recent trip to Mashan, China. I'm quite sure the universe rewarded me with impeccable weather after Shaina and I got stomped on with the rain and heat last year. The food was on point. This was one of those trips where everything lined up so nicely. The crew was just great:

Paul McSorley (adventurer lead and snack street enthusiast)
Emilie Pellerin (contortionist and total BA climber)
Katie Mah (Harness Designer and sleeper bone crusher)
Marcos Costa (Mandarin expert and tireless good vibes provider)
Jan Novak (Photog boss and non-stop trouble maker)
Conner James (Down-for-whatever climber / surfer homie)

We met some incredible friends there who showed us such a good time, night after night... Acheng, JunBao, LuJa and Sherry...  Jan shared his enthusiasm for dance and they shared their incredible culinary skills!

We opened three new brilliant multipitch routes - a 12-, 12+ and a 13+, and a handful of single pitch rigs, including this incredible 14c that I called 'Lajiao'. Mashan overall was so impressive. Have a look at this mountain project page we made and get stoked for a visit!