Tuesday, March 10

The Dark Knight!

If you missed the BCS finale comp on friday I'm sorry to say you missed the exposed identity of one of humanities greatest super heros. Enter my alter-ego: the esteemed, Batman. Yes, the secret is out and I am beginning to fear greatly for Marisa's (my girlfriend) safety.

Typically, when fighting crime in the back alleys and rooftops of Gotham City I require an insulating technical suit for proper comfort and maneuverability. Unfortunately, after all the hot climbing comp action on friday, the BRC was a little balmy to say the the least and the suit proved... well, I was overdressed.. 

But not even an extra layer of lycra could hold back the Dark Knight from dominating the field!! While this previous statement is totally false, I was able to win the hearts of the crowd and encourage positive spirits upon my loyal following citizens. Batman rides on!!!
So, needless to say, the comp went off really well and in true BCS fashion was a super fun community event amongst a great crowd. Props to Paul Robinson for entering, and winning, this roped comp, as well as a DOPE performance from Paige Claassen, who took the women's title. The Dark Knight salutes you!
In retrospect, I think I will keep my alter-ego, Batman, fighting crime and Jstar, crushing rock climbs. On that note, take a moment and check out my photographer buddy Nathan Welton's new site- there is an AMAZING photo of Vogue and some great shots from Button Rock on there that we took together. 

Lastly, I have been riding a bunch recently, and loving it. If you ride and you live in Boulder I highly suggest checking out the brand spanking new trail out of the Doudy Draw area (by the Industrial Wall approach, on the road into Eldo). There is a fantastic new single track loop out there and many link-ups and loops can be done including the older community ditch trail and the marshal mesa area. HUGE props to OSMP and for being involved in this project and finally opening up more mountain biker friendly territory close to Boulder. 

If Batman's popularity continues amongst the climbing crowd perhaps I will begin a website for him too.. Hope everybody had a great weekend.