Sunday, May 10

College Grad

It's official. I am a college graduate! Although the thorough impact of this has yet to sink in, I can say that I am very, very excited about the future and proud of my successes as a student. This is a major milestone in my life thus far and I am stoked to celebrate this transition as well as egger to begin my new life. I'd like to offer a big thank you to all my friends and family wishing me well and sending me love right now! But more on that later, lets talk rock scrambling. 

I got a taste of things to come this past week, getting out FINALLY and grip grabbing some real rock nearly everyday. Seth Lightning and I checked out this incredible Eldo boulder problem called 'The Heist' V12 a few days back (check out photo). Truly a proud find by Kevin Jorgenson- how did us front rangers allow him to grab this send?!?!? It's like, right there, yet you would have to be looking for it I suppose. The problem is KILLER. This thing is strange and difficult to protect, although you could step off anywhere- you could take some bad falls too. We did some great linkage on this 20+ move beast, but decided to save it for a cooler day and return with a little more foam. Absolutely killer problem though. 
A gaggle of us headed out to Clear Creek later in the week, a crag I have not been to in over a year or more. Dan Richelson aka Richelson Hommie was making progression on his proj- the amazing 'Anarchitect' 12d (pictured), meanwhile I was stoked to send this obscure little turd next to it, 'Chaos' 13a, that is actually worthy of a burn if you are in the area. Short with crimps- ultra reachy undercling move though- beware short folk!! For that day, however, I was focused and fired up to climb on two Clear Creek classics that I had somehow never been on, 'Twitch' 12d and 'Sonic Youth' 13a. I found both climbs to be very impressive, and offer an awesome contrast between one another. 'Twitch' is barley overhung, with a short crux that requires thin crimps and deadpoint strength, where 'Sonic' is sick steep and requires some burl and trickery throughout. I am stoked to have onsighted both classics- these routes had been on my list for a long while so doing them in good style is always a plus. Neely Quinn aka (insert funny / inspired nickname here) also made some progression on her project, 'Twitch' in direct sun, so surely she will piss on the climb next round. 

I have got some embarrassing photos from my graduation I will post up after I airbrush some imperfections out of them.. stay tuned. Happy Mothers Day ya'll!!