Saturday, November 14

Air Asia

After having just unpacked my duffels from the Red River Gorge, I already find myself scribbling a pack list in preparation for a long trip to Asia. I've had just enough time to settle in, put in some hours route setting, coach with ABC Kids, socialize, train and even celebrate, but now, almost immediately I roll into my next adventure. Next Wednesday I depart for Northern Thailand, where I will be crashing the long awaited marriage of two of my good friends, Josh Morris and Khaetthaleeya Uppakham (Kat) of CMRCA fame. After which my future is mostly still up in the air, with exciting plans and ambitions to climb in Yangshou, bolt new cliffs in Northern Thailand, clip bolts in Ha Long Bay, or even get another taste of deep water soloing and sea-side limestone on the Southern coast of Thailand.

I'm fortunate to have spent many months living and traveling in South-East Asia over the years, and to say I'm stoked to return would be a vast understatement. I have strong ties to an amazing community of climbers there, I love the food (but of course) and I really enjoy the adventure. As of now I am planning to stay climbing and developing in Asia until March of next year.. what's to come of the following months, I can only imagine. But it's safe to assume that weaving through heavy traffic on motorbikes, consuming copious amounts of poor quality Thai beer, limestone tufa pulling, temples, food illness, good laughs and ridiculous stories will be included. Stay tuned...

In the last few weeks I've had a chance to reflect on an amazing trip to the Red, as well as attempt to keep up my fitness for Asia. I had a chance to climb with one of my long time roll-models and source of much inspiration, Sonnie Trotter, who is passing through Boulder at the moment. Meeting Sonnie was awesome.. it's one thing to finally meet such legends as Sonnie or Tommy for instance, it's another thing to meet such people, only to find out that they are really, really cool individuals.

Other than getting out with Sonnie and a solid day doing eliminates on Flagstaff with my Dad and Andy Mann, I have been sticking to the plastic for efficiency- including a wicked day at RJ1 today with Paiger. Between some writing, and a bunch of work, I've been keeping myself quite busy. I did a pretty cool write up for La Sportiva on some general Red River Beta, that can be found here, complete with awesome Andrew Burr shots. I'm hoping that I'll have at least one more chance to get out and pull on some Colorado stone when this incoming storm has passed (sledding anyone?!). Considering how much I'll be perspiring over the next few months, a little bit of snow actually sounds okay with me..

photos: Simon Carter image of Yangshou. Josh Morris Photo of myself on 'Wild Ride' 13c - Northern Thailand. Sonnie Trotter sans bolts on the Mill Creek route, 'Aesthetics' 13a (let's be honest, 13b)- Andrew Burr shot.