Wednesday, November 18

NOV 18

It's funny how a date becomes so loaded with anticipation before an event or a trip. I've said 'November 18th' so many times over the past few months, both out loud and in my head that finally seeing it displayed in the top right corner of my computer screen is almost shocking. Whoa, could it be?! could this mythical date actually exist?! Indeed, it does. And with it comes a lot of goodbyes, some last minute BRC training, heavy Metolius duffels and the satisfaction of crossing lines through my daunting to-do-before-the-18th list.

At any rate, I'm off. Like I mentioned before, I'm not altogether very certain about what the next few months will entail, but I've got a few good guesses and I'm quickly building ambition. Armed with a plethora of gear and enough Solutions, SuperChalk and glue-in bolts to get me through 4 months of steep and hot, I'll be getting after it. Stay tuned for adventures from the East.. and remember, just cause I'm on the other side doesn't mean we can't still be friends!!!