Wednesday, September 1

a sequence

One of my very first driving passions in life was skating. I grew up on a unique hybrid of skate and mountain culture, but it was the skate media that largely directed my lifestyle. Although I haven't taken a day of skating seriously in over 7 years, I still frequently look to the pursuit for inspiration. I spend far more time watching skate videos than I do climbing vids. Among a number of aspects of why I still look up to skate culture is the timeless and always psych-inducing photo sequences that have existed in skate media throughout many of the sport's generations. It's a great way to capture action and give a series of movement justice while still experiencing it just moment by moment. Now that I've got a rad new camera, I'm stoked to grab some unique climbing sequences.. for now I've put up a cool one from photographer Torrey Piatt of myself (sporting a boss mohawk) climbing 'Copenhagen Angel' 13b at Wild Iris. Enjoy!

On a similar note.. if you've got more time to waste- check this rad new NIKE SB vid from Berlin.. dude ollies an 18 stair at the end!! WHAT?!