Thursday, September 22

San Fran

Climbing isn't everything... as much as it sometimes feels like it, and the more that climbing envelopes my life, the more I enjoy a good break from it. I spent the last 6 days visiting my girlfriend in her new home, San Francisco. I've been to nearly 30 countries, but somehow, this was the first time I'd ever visited California. We ate well, checked out the city, laid on the beach, rode bikes and relaxed. I did get a few quick gym sessions in, but this was not a climbing trip and the shocking heat did not inspire any real attempts at training... it was great.

Check me out, I'm in the Pacific Ocean!!

Now I'm back in Colorado, and eager to make the best of these next couple weeks. It's looking like they could be the last few weeks I spend in the 'Rado until sometime deep into 2012-- got a full plate of bitchin travel plans and I couldn't be happier. Commence Western Slope part 2!!