Friday, December 16


It doesn't take long for me to sink into the standard routine here in Boulder. Many hours training, friends, family, mountain runs, some working, good food and lots of sleep. Sounds amazing right? It is, no doubt-- and yet, I find myself beginning to get antsy. For now Boulder is a great place for me to recharge and visit, but this much familiarity is only desireable in small doses. It's about time to move on... 
first trip to Bishop on the horizon! and my first bouldering trip in 4 years... 
I'm very much excited about returning to Vegas for the winter. I had an exceptional time there earlier this year and I remain convinced that it's one of the best places to be in the winter. There is some route development, classic repeats and a even a hanful of boulder problems in the area that I am stoked to get after. I'm planning a trip to Bishop, CA for a 10 days or more in January-- it'll be my first bouldering trip in four years! I'm finally seeing some gains from all my training, and I'm hoping that by then I'll be fit to tear down some hard (for me) boulders!

I've been steady training, and really taking advantage of the incredible training resources here in Boulder. Between all that the Spot and the BRC have to offer, I can't really imagine needing anything else (tons of bouldering and route climbing terrain, well equiped weight rooms, systems boards, finger boards, campus boards, treadwall, bikes, even a slide). 

I've been battling sickness in some form or another for what seems like a few months, and it's really not giving me much of a break. I saw a doctor earlier in the week and now I'm finally caving into the real meds to try and kill this illness before I leave for any real climbing. I try to stay away from western medicine as much as possible, but sometimes you need a little kick in the pants.... come on Zithromax!
Kentucky Joe, always at home behind the wheel of a Jeep. Little known fact- I actually pulled KY Joe out of a mud hole this year in the Red- that's correct, a Colorado boy driving a Toyota truck saved the day. Likely one of my proudest achievements of 2011... 

I just recently added a short interview with the ever fascinting Kentucky Joe to my Five Questions page, have a look here
moonlight on the flatirons

sunny, snowy, pleasant--