Monday, December 19


Finally got out this past weekend and enjoyed some real stone. It had been a long while since I did my standard circuit on Flagstaff Mountain-- a tour that I've enjoyed on wintry days for years. As junky and 'C' class this area is, I've grown to absolutely love it. The majority of my first few years climbing were spent up here. My first V1-V5, V6, V8, V9 and V12 were all on Flagstaff. The climbing is not 'modern' by any stretch- increasingly small holds and awful feet. It's a nice reprieve from bouldering at the Spot. It always seems to give me an accurate measurement of exactly how well my fingers are doing. 
 Saturday gave the chance to put my brand new Metolius Recon pad to the test. I added a new page to my site for gear reviews that I will be updating regularly. I kicked it off by writing up a little something, with photos, about my thoughts on this awesome pad. Have a look here. 
 Good old Flagstaff 'V3'.... 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!