Saturday, December 31

Vitamin D

I crushed the drive, stopping only twice on my way from the front range. That solo mission home from Kentucky in-a-day really set the bar for long drives... this one was a breeze. The weather has been predictably nice, albeit quite hot really. I'm all settled in, taking up the spare room at my very good friends and recently engaged (!) Chris and Heather's place. In a prime location; I'm moments from Whole Foods, a short drive from Red Rock Canyon and only 15 minutes from the Strip. As I learned earlier in the year, this city has a lot to offer and hopefully over the next few months I can take it all in. I'm in Las Vegas Baby!

It almost feels as though I never left-- Las Vegas-- I've got some very fond memories of this place. I spent more time here during 2011 than I did anywhere else. I really fell in love with Vegas earlier this year and I'm quickly reminded why; stable weather, incredible landscape, great community, unparalleled nightlife and sunshine. Plenty of vitamin D around here, in-fact, maybe even too much considering that it's December 31. We were forced to chase the shade and cool temps of Gateway Canyon yesterday-- with a high predicted around 70˚F.

sunset on the Kraft boulders
panorama from the summit of Turtlehead Mt

I got out a couple days this week, loving the vibrant sun and checking out some cool boulders. It feels great to finally put some of this bouldering energy that I've worked up to good use. I've been somewhat limited to only the shady problems but regardless I've sampled some of Kraft's raddest climbs.... 'Slice n Dice' V9, 'Potato Chips' V2, 'The Pearl' V4, 'My Tan' V7, 'Monkey Bars Direct' V8, a repeat on 'Scare Tactics' V10, 'Americana Exotica' V9+, I even surprised myself yesterday on 'Lethal Design' V12. There is so much more to do around here and it's really motivating to have such a fun zone right in my backyard. I predict that I'll be doing a lot more bouldering while I'm around and of course my trip to Bishop is right around the corner as well.  

Lethal Design

Americana Exotica

Chris eyes down the gnar on Slice n Dice
I can imagine no better place to celebrate a great year and welcome the next than right here in Dirty Vegas. We have a handful of friends in town and it's likely that we'll be out with the masses on the Blvd when the clock strikes 12. Should be awesome no doubt. We're off to get a few more boulder problems in before a long night out. Hope everyone has a safe and crazy night, see you in 2012!!