Sunday, January 8

week one.

As to be expected, Vegas has served up a a little bit of everything in the last week. Bouldering, routes, training, hiking... we've camped, we spent a few nights on the strip, ate well and celebrated. It's fair to say that we got a pretty damn full spectrum of Vegas in during the last 8 days-- it's been awesome.

Last week I was stoked to have a look at Paul Robinson's boulder 'The Grande Hustle' V13, an alternative ending to an amazing V10 called 'Vigilante'. Surprisingly, Vigilante was basically bare of chalk, so after a little bit of confusion both finding that line and also spotting out the Grand Hustle, I managed to fire the V10 (once accidentally from one move in, and then again from the proper start) and chalk the holds for the hard version just before it was too dark. I think, however, from my brief time on the problem that it will be a great bouldering project for me -- close to home, perfect angle and holds for my preference. I'm stoked to give it some effort. 

The next day we took off for Arrow Canyon, an incredible limestone slot canyon adrift in the Nevada desert. I spent a day or two in this wicked landscape last year and remembered hearing rumor that there was a gnarly project somewhere in the canyon but didn't have a chance to look for it. I brought the full kit into the canyon with me and spent the better part of two days dangling on this rad route cleaning it up, chalking holds, and discovering this gnarly climb. I've not had a proper chance to give it any effort yet, but I'm guessing it's going to be heinous hard... barely there holds, steep angle, big moves.... So stoked to try it!

I've been polishing off my climbing days with some great training sessions at a community garage torture chamber that we refer to as 'Club Tread'. I'm super excited to have such a rad little place to train.. it's got essentially everything you'd need. I'm more ambitious than ever to take my climbing to the next level and for me, a steady training regiment is definitely a big part of that goal. 
While my girlfriend Marisa is visiting we also really wanted to soak up the strip and enjoy a good night out. We teamed up with our friends Natasha Barnes and Max Zolotukhin from San Fran. I've had some of my favorite nights in Vegas and this past weekend would certainly be on that list. This city is straight crazy. If you've never partied in Vegas I suggest you make a plan to. Enough said. 

Lastly, I put together a new gear review on my absolute favorite rope, the Maxim Airliner 9.1. This burly skinny rope is finally on the market and has proven itself to be the single best cord I've ever used over the last year. Have a look at a few photos, some specs and a more of my thoughts on the rope here. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their 2012 thus far!!