Friday, April 13

front range stop over

During my most recent stay in Boulder I was reminded of how much I really enjoy the place. How could you not? Great climbing, world class gyms, awesome food, great friends, brilliant trails and ridiculously nice weather… At the risk of sounding too cliche, it really is true that sometimes to see the value in something you've got to take it away. I'll admit that after a few more weeks I'm sure that I'd be restless in Boulder, but after my quick stay I am almost wishing I had more time.

I tried to make the best of my few days there and I'm pretty confident that I did-- I checked out a rad project, broke out my beloved Maverick, climbed a couple sunny days in Estes and got a few good training days in as well.

I'd been meaning to check out this project in Clear Creek after my buddy Peter Beal brought it up a while back. It neighbors a really cool 13d called 'Interstellar Overdrive', a Tommy route that was one of my first of the grade a number of years ago. I really liked Interstellar and I was stoked to hear that a new line was bolted to its left. I spent a sunny Saturday fighting the crowds at the popular Wall of the 90's and despite some unexpected heat was able to climb on this rig a few times and sort out some interesting and unique beta. If I had more time I would have certainly gone back but with only a few days left I didn't make it. If D Woods somehow doesn't get to it soon, then I certainly will when I return in June. 

I had to stop off in Estes as well, my home away from home in Colorado (where is my first home again?) and enjoy a couple days of shockingly good weather for April. The high peaks are looking quite bare of snow already and the valley felt like down-right summer sans the hoards of tourists. I'm sure they'll have another couple of heinous storms on the way at some point, but earlier this week I was amazed with how nice it was. Marisa and I did a long route on Lumpy and baked in the sun. The next day we hiked into one of my favorite crags, the Monastery, for some good training laps. I repeated 'Third Millennium', 'The Quickening' and 'Psychotomic' a few times… some of my favorite routes of all time. 

certainly one of the best 12d's in Colorado if not the nation
Before I knew it I was frantically packing up and doing my best to get mentally prepared for France. This trip really snuck up on me, and although I've been planning, training and looking ahead to it for months, it still just... came up. I rounded up my gear, meticulously trying to pack my way under the allotted 50 lbs limit. With my giant bright yellow Metolius duffle ready to roll, I made my way to the airport on Thursday morning, tired from all the fun of the previous week and stoked for the next step. 
packing up, in every color of the rainbow

later Colorado! see you in June