Tuesday, April 3

Goodbye Vegas

Yesterday as I drove north away from Las Vegas I could remember, in shocking detail, how it felt 3 long months ago when I first arrived back in Sin City. I remember first seeing the lights of the strip as I passed over the apex, southbound on I-15, so excited for the long nights ahead. I remembered forcing myself not to use my iPhone whilst finding my way back to Summerlin, in an attempt to prove that my Vegas coordinates were still running strong. I remember first opening the door on a familiar house with familiar stuff and smiling, familiar faces. I was so stoked to be in Vegas again. 

It's funny how short, or how long a trip can seem. Here I am back in snowy Boulder and it's like I never left- all of my Boulder memories are fresh, except, what happened to the Christmas tree? But when I look over all that happened in Vegas I'm shocked that it was only a quarter of the year. I fell short of my climbing goals unfortunately, but I easily filled in the void with other life experience -- it's important to remember that climbing is only part of it. Vegas was sweet, as it always is. Something tells me that I'll be back before long and it'll be like nothing changed... I'm psyched already!

As with every time that you're preparing for a move, it's been a hectic week. I managed to get back into the hills and bolt another rad looking route, but, just like its neighbor it'll have to wait until my return. For the first time I've got bolted projects lined up and ready for me over in the East and here in the West. It's super motivating!

yeah, seriously I ate like a cowboy. can o beans on an open fire.
I also escaped Vegas and spent a night out at Mt Charleston hanging out with some good friends and climbing. I really dig the scene and the climbing up there. It feels like the mountains (a completely new ecosystem from the desert) and it features a cool variety of climbing styles and angles. I was very pleased to finish up 'Direct Hit' 14a which wound up being kind of a battle. The grades at the classic zones are definitely not soft, and this extension to 'Screaming Target' 13c was no exception - a killer power endurance route without rest on edges and pockets. I was stoked to clip chains so that I could enter into a busy weekend (Red Rock Rendezvous) without worry. I also flashed a really nice 13a called 'Warlords' before packing up and heading to the Rendezvous.

Sunrise Panorama of Red Rocks

joekindkid.com photo. me looking all ridiculous as par usual
It was rad to see some friends, hang out and catch up with everybody at the Rendezvous. This is a very well organized event, with well over a thousand attendees - which for a climbing event, is HUGE. I had clinics both days that both ended up going really well. On Saturday I had a full group of motivated climbers and banged out some footwork and technique skills, many top ropes and even a few leads at a great little crag. Sunday I had a small group so I teamed up with buddies Misty Murphy and Bill Ohran at a sweet crag, secluded from the wind and sunny. Rad. Thanks so much for everyone that came out and made this killer event possible! hopefully there was nobody in the portajohns when they blew over on Saturday night... the wind was kinda heinous, no lies. Also, lastly, big thanks to Metolius for bringing me out to this rad event. Good times.

I had one (or two) more drinks with some of the Vegas crew on Sunday night before I packed up early and hit the road yesterday. I've got a little more than a week to chill out here in Boulder before I take off for 2 months in France. Damn... crazy life! I love it.