Wednesday, April 27

exit Nevada

Vegas in the rear view. It was my sixth winter there and just like the other five it was tough to say goodbye, emotional even. Just when I think my enthusiasm for this lonely place has dissolved I dig into a new, motivating project. Several of my hardest routes have been in and around Vegas, and now that trend continues.

I learned a lot this winter. It would be a lie to say that I loved my time in Las Vegas. I struggled at times both personally and in my climbing. Sometimes the battle is swift and easy, but sometimes there's simply no way to win. Damn it. Climbing has taught me countless things about life, helped me through rough times and lifted me up when everything else seemed to crumble. Climbing has given me a space to develop my sense of self, and a backwards reminder that ups or downs, send or no send, life is good.

Trying something at your physical limit will rip your heart wide open. My victories on this one must be counted very carefully (read: they're small). I am a stubborn bastard though and once I feel I want something - be it that fickle, one star 12d that I can't seem to freaking send - or a dream route, I will keep trying until it kills me. I really look forward to my next campaign in Sin City and I've already made plans for it. There's a long route there that I'd really like to climb and a Casino or two that I'd like to get even with.

Looking ahead -> I'll be on my way to Switzerland soon. A few months living in Interlaken, exploring many crags that I've dreamt about for years. Solo mission. Zippy little german car winding through the luscious Alps. Beautiful cows. Nice people. Snowy peaks. Ive got a fat list of projects and ideas - just praying for some stable weather and to meet some good friends along the way.

Tuesday, April 5

a few photos...

Long days at the crag. A night or two on the town. Family, friends, dogs. Enjoy a few photos and keep your eyes open for a proper blog update here soon.