Monday, May 25

Silver L?

Usually I base my entire year around climbing trips, performance goals and traveling. For obvious reasons this year has been different, but there is without a doubt some positivity somewhere in this mess..

Speaking of planning trips, as it seems like climbing trips might be once again on the horizon I have been scouring the internet for motivation. I've spent the lockdown giving everything to bolting, exploring and developing (more on that in a moment) - but sadly I've done very very little actual climbing, so my thirst for new climbs and new areas is peaking. My usual resources for undiscovered gems are and the indispensable Mountain Project, but there is one forgotten platform that without a doubt serves the armchair curiosity of those determined to unearth obscurities... The almighty Blog.

Sourcing some old school, page scrolling, die hard blog material myself, I was reminded of my old website (not to be confused with my jstarinorbit URL that was hijacked and yes I am still pissed about it). Something about this year, and this time, made me feel like the environment was perhaps finally ripe for me to start jotting in the old blog again.

Welcome to my first attempt at re-stoking the blog fire. Expect run-on sentences, iPhone photos, obscurities, unsolicited opinions and the occasional nugget of priceless beta for your psyche - or so I hope. 

As I mentioned before, my COVID time was at first a much anticipated climbing trip to Italy cut dramatically short but then it turned into weeks and weeks of exploration, hard work and toil back here at home in Vegas. Climbing has taken a back seat but I'm finally at a stage where I am ready to start pulling on stone and put the drill down. Truth be told this has been a strange time as I know it has for everyone, but overall I've felt a clear purpose and a ton of motivation so I am without a doubt grateful. I will share more details of the new routes when the pieces start to really come together! Enjoy some iPhone pictures in the meantime...