JONATHAN SIEGRIST                
 born: madison, wisconsin on aug 27, 1985

                                             height: 5 foot 5.5 inches (167cm)
                          ape index: +1.5 inches (170cm)
       climbing: for 16 years. since 2004
                                            stoke level: extreme
   discipline: sport climbing, trad,  big walls, bouldering 
                     current residence: las vegas
diet: pescatarian
                    goals: too many
                dog: zeke and juni
  favorite color: purple 
          drink of choice: soda water, cheap beer, tea
               other interests: music, questing 
       sponsors: arcteryx, la sportiva, metolius, maxim, climb on, physivantage, fors 

Long before I started rock climbing, I had a passion for the mountains. Nothing can humble, invigorate and inspire me like the experience of interacting with the grand mountains of the world. Although my Dad had encouraged me to explore climbing for years, it was not until I was 18 that I fell in love with rock climbing after trying bouldering as a form of cross training for downhill mountain bike racing.

From the very beginning of my journey with climbing I have continually pursued my limits and raced after goals. The experience has been life changing, and as a result I feel deeply indebted to the community and the natural world. Now climbing has emerged as a vehicle for travel (another strong passion of mine), a dynamic set of challenges and a lifestyle I very much enjoy.

During the summer of 2011, I took the logical next step in my pursuit of climbing by giving up any fixed address, buying a pick-up and hitting the road indefinitely. Now, with the helpful support of my sponsors, I'm motivated more than ever to stay traveling and climbing all year.

Since I started in 2004 my climbing has been in constant evolution. I've really learned to love the process involved with setting goals and striving to achieve them. Hard climbing is invariably defined by more failure than success, but every once and a while I manage to get things done-- the feeling of hard work rewarded with accomplishment is incredible; it's what keeps me going.

Below is a list of some of my successes over the years, with my all-time favorites in bold.
'Musta Been High' ©Andy Mann circa 2008

 Traditional / Walls
Evictor 12d R
Surf's Up 13a R
Freeline 13b R
Musta Been High 13c R/X
Country Boy Crack 13d
The Wasp 13a 
Book of Spells 12 FA
El Camino Real 12+
Dame Cookie 13c 
The Honeymoon is Over 13c V
Enter the Dragon 14a FA
The Almighty 14b R
Straight Out of the Ghetto 12+ R
Color Blind 13a R
Crystal Dawn 13d IV
Year of the Ox 13d R FA
Dark Star 13 R
Avenger 13b PG-13
Wrong Side of the Tracks 13b PG-13
Legend of a Brown Dog 13d/14a PG-13 FA
Direct Dunn Westbay 14- V
Five Easy Pieces 13a onsight 
Aeolis Mons 14a III/IV FA 
The Path 14a R 
Lost in Translation 13b/c 
Dark Matter 13a III FA 
--->>>  2019 and beyond at 8a.nu

 ≥ 5.14 / f8b+
Sarchasm 14a
Third Millennium 13d/14a

Grand Ol Opry 14b
Honemaster Lambada 14a
Vogue 14b/c

Primevil 14a
Busload of Faith 14a 
Shine 14a
Primetime to Shine 14b
Rodeo Free Europe 14a
Black Magic 14a FA
The Bleeding 14b
Lucifer 14c 
God's Own Stone 13d/14a flash 
50 Words for Pump 14b/c
Southern Smoke 14b
Thanatopsis 14b
Cherry Red 14a
Omaha Beach 14a flash 
Transworld Depravity 14a flash
Thunder 14a 
China Climb 14a/b 
American Gangster 14b 
Blue Magic 14a 
Sea of Tranquility 13d/14a 

Suprimo 14b FA
Badman 14a 
Scarface 14a 
Chemical Ali 14a
To Bolt or Not to Be 14a
Mr. Yuck 14a 
Extended Evil 14b 
Problem Child 14b/c
Motley Crux 14a
Zulu 14a 
Mutton Bustin' 14a 
Dead Souls 14a 
Living the Dream 14a 
Roadside Prophet 14a 
Kryptonite 14d
Pure Imagination 14c FA
The Shocker 14b 
Twenty Four Karats 14c FA
100 Ounces of Gold 14a

Mt Potosi 14a
Hold Your Fire 14b
Necessary Evil 14c 
F Dude 14a
Planet Earth 14a 
Horse Latitudes 14a 
Golden Direct 14b/c
Trunk Monkey 14a
Just Do It 14c
New World Order 14c FA
Gerbil Horizons 14a FA
Dr. Evil 14a
Voodoo 14b FA
Doomsday 14a onsight 
Halfenheimer 14a
F'd in the A 14a flash
Plastic Shaman 14a
Wide World of Fitness 14b
Drive 14a
Dinosaur Highway 14a 
A.D.A.T.O. 14b 
Kurrgo 14a 
Moose Licks 14b
Bad Girls Club 14c
Planet X 14a/b
The Crew 14c
Waka Flocka Flame 14b
Girl Talk 14b/c
Shadowboxing 14d FA
Waka Flocka 14b 
Supercharger 13d/14a

Le Rêve 14d FA
Atonement 14b FA
Direct Hit 14a
Le Galetas (??) 14b
Les Specialistes 14b
St Ange (??) 14a
La Chirurgien du Crepuscule 13d/14a
Archetype 14a
L'Arcadémicien 14b
Coraux de la Vie 14b/c FA
General Litzenhiemer 14b
Galactic Emperor 13d/14a
Porcelain 14b
The Catalyst 14b FA
Algorithm 14d FA
Enter the Dragon 14a traditional FA
Mission Impossible 14c
Mission Overdrive 14b FA

Unforgivable 14b
All Around Routine 14b
Hucking for Gold 14b
All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go 14a
Hasta La Vista 14c
Kill 'em All 14b
King Thing 14a
Genetic Drifter 14c
Moonshine 14d
The Almighty 14b traditional
Gold Digger 14a
Vesper 14a FA
Manhattan Project 14a FA
Better Living Through Chemistry 14b/c FA
Stalk and Ambush 14c/d FA
Spitting Venom 14c FA
Super Tweak 14b
Picket Fence 14b
Mango Tango 14a
Trebuchet 14b
Coal Train 14a
Proper Soul 14a flash
Lord Voldemort 14a

La Lune 14d FA
Spectrum 14d FA
The Sacred and Profane 14c FA
Breakin' the Law 14a
Old World Lullaby 14b
The Present 14a
The Incredible Huck 14b
Slaughterhouse Five 14b/c
Agony and Ecstasy 13d/14a
Biographie 15a
Lülü 14d
Dures Limites 14b
Chronique de la Haine Ordinaire 14b
Black Bean 13d/14a 
Speed Intégrale 14d
Euphorie 14a flash
Quattro Stagioni 14b 
Putain le System 14b
Hexenküche 14a
Trümmelbach 14a

Hybris 14c
Amber 14b
Mean Streak 14a 
Insurrection 14b
The Big Smile 14b 
Mind Your Manors 14b FA
A Date with She-Ra 14a FA
Off to Be the Wizard 14c FA
Big Bad Wolf 14a 
Titan 14a 
Parellel Universe 14a
Cold War 14a
Livin Astro 14b/c 
Steady Slobbin' 14b
Super Nova 14b
China Beach 14b
Dr. No 13d/14a
Tears of Unfathomable Sadness 14a 
Southern Comfort 14a 

Route of All Evil 14b
Zeal for Zion 14a FA
La Rambla 15a 
El Mon de Sofia 14a
Chicane 14c
Renegoide 14a
Mr Cheki 14a
L'Odi Social 14c
Estado Critico 14d 
Kalea Borroka 14a 
L-Mens 14a flash
Falconetti 14a onsight 
Era Vella 14c
El Prisionero 14a 
Sacate la Peluca, Antonio 14b 
Ebola 14a 
Le Cadre Nouvelle 14d 
Race de Fate 14a 
Fumanchu 14a 
I Am The Walrus 14a/b FA
Ninja Ladder 14a 
Legend of a Brown Dog 13d/14a PG-13 FA
Mala Leche 14d FA
White Wedding (New) 14a
Big R 14a 
Starvation Fruit 14b 
Freakshow 14a
Papichulo 15a 
Los Humildes pa Casa 14a flash 
China Crisis 14a flash 
Power Inverter 15a
Duele le Realidad 14d 
Joe-Cita 14d 
Fish Eye 14b flash 
American Hustle 14b 
Mind Control 14b 
Blanquita 14c 
Gorilas en la Niebla 14a onsight 
Cova de Ocell 14a 

Salt Base 14b 
Boliche de Oro 14a
Andujar Power 14a 
Jumbo Pumping Hate 14a
Wall of Glass 14a 
Missing Link 14c/d
Appel au Sodom 14b
Jungfrau Marathon 14d
Zenit 14a 
Goldfinger 14b
Termilater 14a 
Schwarzes Glas 14a 
Cabane au Canada 14d 
Paradis Artificiel 14b flash 
Le Voile de Maya 14b/c 
Stop Sika 14ba/b
Hyper Finale Right 14d FA
Bulletin de Sante 14a flash
Tornado Power 14b 
Gimmel Express 14c 
Marc 14a 
Philou 14a 
Molinero 14c 
Lethargie 14a
Spirit of the West 14a 
Direct Dunn Westbay 14- V
Portrait in Flesh 14a 
Eternal Recurrence 14a 

T1 Full Equip 14a/b 
Mixed Emotions 14a 
Reverse Polarity 14b 
Bachelor Party 14d 
Annihilator 14c 
Atlantis 14b 
Pearls Before Swine 14a 
Papi Van Winkle 13d/14a 
Pachamama 15a/b
Jo Mama 15a 
Chaxi 15a 
Rollito Sharma Extension 14b 
Paper Mullat 14a 
Identification y Placas 14a/b 
Espid 14c 
Radar Ez 14b/c 
Geminis 14a 
Welcome to Tijuana 14b 
Ixeia 14a onsight 
Botanics 13d/14a onsight
Los Inconformistas 14d 
Migranya Profunda 14a 
2X30 14b 
Pata Negra 14b 
O Senhor das Anilhas 14a 
Fat Camp 14c
Cucaracha 14b
Planet Garbage 14d 
Moment Musical 14a 
The Club 14d
Homunculus 14a
All the Pretty Horses 14a 
Nostalgie 14b 
Mutation 14d 
Never Enough 14a
Colinator 14a 
Lungfish 14b 
Kuru 14c
Apex Predator 14c
Old Man High Pants 14c
Drakken 14b 
40 Feet of Grease 14b 
Sodom and Gomorrah 14c 
Terrordome 14a flash 
La Reina Mora 14d
Directa Jabali 14b 
20 Años Después 14d 
Leche Caliente 14a/b
Afrodita 14b/c
Pal Este 14b
Los Ultimos Vampiros Hippies 14b 

Artifact 14a 
El Matador 14a
X-files 14a
Last of the Old School 14b 
Mon Petite Chou 14b/c 
There Will be Blood 14b
I, Me, Mine 14c 
The Big Rig 14a flash 
CCV 14a 
Tiger Blood 14b 
Bone Tomahawk 15a 
The Re-Up 14d

Maquina Increíble 14b
Jumbo Love 15b
Tusk 14b
Tran-Genus 14a 
Arrested Development 14d 
Wrongdoer 14a onsight 
Wanted Man 14a 
Jesus Called me a Dick 14a/b flash 
The Other 14a 
Aeolis Mons 14a FA
Weekend at Bernie's 14b 
On Beyond Zebra 14a 
Iron Butterfly 14c 
Magician's Apprentice 14a/b
Cobalt Gecko 14b 
Hot Fudge Cream Puff 14a
First Flight 14c
Primetime 14c
Existence Mundane 14b
Leviathan 14a
Ojas 14a 
Supermanboy 14c 
Honour and Glory 14d 
The Path 14a R 
Urban Booty 14a 
Infectious Booty 14b 
Ghetto Booty 14d
Kung Fu Panda 14a 
Red Point Meal 14b/c 
Spicy Dumpling 14d
Spicy Noodle 14b
Three Little Bees 14b
.....--->>>  2019 and beyond at 8a.nu

 5.13 / f7c+
800+  5.13's

 ≥ V12 / f8A+
Trice V12 
Lethal Design V12 

Automater V13 
Element of Surprise V12 
Nothin but Sunshine V13
Centaur V12 
Freaks of the Industry V13
European Human Being V12 
Secret Splendor V12
Riddles in the Park V12
Jade V14
Wild Cat V12
Don't Get Too Greedy V13
Phallus V12
Tres Huecos V12 
Ex Machina V12 FA
The Heist V12
Mind Matters V11/12
Love Mattress V12

Haroun and the Sea of Stories V12 
Maze of Death V12 
Power Slave V12 
Hungry Hungry Hippos V12
Abaddon V12
Irreversible V13
Comb My Hair Like God V11/12
Wheel of Chaos V14
The Shining V13

Memoirs of an Invisible Climber V11/12
Sleight of Hand V11/12
Storm Shadow Sit V12
Wheel of Chaos Direct V14
Daytripper V13 
Superkind V12 

2009 Golden Piton for Breakaway Success
2012 Golden Piton for Most Productive
2013 Runner Up, 'Best New Route' DPM Ed's Choice 
2014 Runner Up, 'America, F*%K Yeah!' DPM Ed's Choice