Friday, January 30

Friday the 23rd: Getting fired up for Nationals

It was a killer weekend. I warmed up for my first competition experience by moseying on down to the Western Stock Show in Denver with Marisa and her room mate Alan. I could not imagine the psych that must be going through the heads of the cowboys, preparing to be violently tossed around by a massive wild animal whose reproductive organs are securely and uncomfortably cinched. Whoa. Add a coors light (or in the painfully obvious case of many, a half dozen) some lee dungarees and you got yourself a hell-of-a-good time baby!!

We had a ball. Luckily we did find some pigs for Marisa to play with (her favorite animal) and I got a chance to pose down in front of that tractor I have been wanting all these years. Can't beat a road trip in a tractor dude. The next morning we headed out to Salt Lake for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show and the SCS Nationals climbing competition.. stand by for a post on it..