Tuesday, February 10

Do you live in Boulder? Have you noticed a staggering increase in sick strong boulderers as of late? Are they warming up on your long term gym projects - with their skate shoes on? WELL FOLKS.. its that time of year- ABS PRO BOULDERING NATIONALS is this upcoming weekend at The Spot and a freakin bus load of the nations strongest plastic crushin, one arm pull-upin', ten foot dynoin' monsters have arrived, all hungry for victory over the defending season 9 champions Paul Robinson and Alex Puccio. And, after having a quick look over the qualifiers running order, these two have got their work cut out for them. The male and female fields are STACKED with talent. I will be cheering a bunch of friends on Valentines Day, including Emily Harrington (pretend they are short, hard routes!), Ethan Pringle, Alex Puccio, Carlo Traversi and Lisa Rands.

BUT WAIT! Just because you don't flash V10 doesn't mean you need to miss out on the fun. The ABS CITIZENS COMP is going off just down the street (@BRC) and there will be a gym packed full of killer BP's just waiting for your send! Myself, and my route setting crew will be putting in mad hours this week under ABS head setter - the plastic-problem mastermind Seth Lytton, over at the Boulder Rock Club. The event begins early (845am) on Saturday and goes all day. So don't just be another face in the crowd at ABS Pro Nationals, come get a piece of victory for yourself at the Citizens comp! Its all for fun anyways right? Hope to see you there.