Tuesday, February 24

Saturday I packed up and hit I-25 south with a couple long time friends of mine to clip some shiny hangers down at Shelf Road. The day was literally perfect- cool enough that you were reaching for a long sleeve to belay, but climbing in a T-shirt was no problem. We checked out the Cash Wall and we were alone climbing there all day. I managed a pretty bad ass (classic Shelf) slab called 'Cash in the Vault' and a boulder problem route called 'Payment in Pump', along with some okay moderates the wall had to offer (not quite the best wall at Shelf.. but worth a visit). After some bullshit and wine with the gang I slept out in my bivy and enjoyed a crisp night under the stars. This was my first time camping for a while (Ron and Kathy's first time camping in 7 years!!), if the weather keeps looking good I'm hoping to head down again this upcoming weekend. Its amazing how refreshing getting filthy, beat up, worn down and shivering around a camp fire can feel- it must be that human in us all.. Damn its nice though. 
In other news I went back to Trice and shot some rad photos (check back for the shots..) with the man, Andy Mann, yesterday and he showed me a couple interesting projects up there. Andy and I both get a kick out of the whole history aspect and flagstaff has definitely got that going for it. Check out this amazing database of flag problems and history. 

Lastly.. My buddy over at Sharp End Publishing, Fred, has been raving about this documentary that his son has gotten all fired up over called SharkWater. I finally check it out last night and aside from the never-ending speedo shots of Rob Stewart at the end of the film, it was AWESOME. In true documentary style, it inspires that activist in you for at least the few hours following your viewing. This film is raw for sure. Being in that I am a vegetarian I would have avoided sharkfin soup anyways, but after watching this film I am ready to write some politicians about this shit! (and just did).