Tuesday, March 24

Wyoming Blizzard / Spring Break '09

....Friday night we arrived in Lander, Wy. With such beautiful views in Sinks Canyon and great evening weather I was stoked to cruise up to the walls as the sun set and examine the cliffs. Immediately I was impressed with the Addiction Wall, the White Wave Wall and of course the monstrous Killer Cave. The camping was fantastic; right next to the Popo Agie with all the extras. Our good friends Seth Lytton and Neely Quinn (plus our furry friends Zala and Samson) arrived later that night and we motored up to the crags on Saturday with the blazing sun on our backs and clear blue skies above. It proved to be a hot, but incredible day of cragging. Seth and I both quickly dispatched the excellent 'Pretty Hate Machine' and onsighted the classic 'Addiction'. I was stoked to also onsight the crimpy, cool, 'Dogs of War'. Everybody loved the cliffs and we hit the town for beer and eats at the homely Gannett Grill that night to celebrate. 

Day two: The Killer Cave is dope. period. Its sweeping walls streaked with white, black and orange are featured with endless, arm swallowing pockets and the occasional crimp. The routes are long, varied and of super high quality. This is an incredible wall. I can not wait to return.. Seth and I both ticked the O-Box on the amazing 'Nirvana' and I did an awesome linkup from the classic route, 'Killer' into the finish of Mr. Majestic. Everybody was just beginning to feel at home amongst super nice locals at this sweet crag- even Marisa was unlocking forgotten skills from a 6 month break from outdoor climbing.. when.... 

Yesterday morning I awoke, and immediately noticed the tent was pitch black. Could it still be the middle of the night? It took a moment for me to realize that it was not just an especially dark morning, but that in-fact the tent was covered in 10 inches of fully saturated, unforgiving snow. Enter the state-wide, spring break destroying, ultra-pow Wyoming Blizzard of 2009. Our dreams of 30 meter forearm pumping routes, pockets and crimps for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week were destroyed while skiers far and wide rejoiced the over night dump-a-thon and the 100% chance of precip. Long story short, we desperately packed (now including Seth and all his gear 'cause Neely had to bail the previous night) my Subaru and made tracks out of the deserted camp-site. Luckily I-80 opened up minutes before we cruised through and we narrowly escaped back to Boulder.

So we are back! Looking statewide for clear conditions although it seems it may not exist. Spring Break continues and we search for more dry stone, with memories of Sinks Canyon held close to our hearts.. it really is that good.