Monday, April 20

Earth Week

My looming hangover from a long weekend in New York has finally subsided, weather in Boulder is predicted to be clear and sunny for the week, and the reality of soon becoming a college graduate is setting in; life is good.

This next week includes the 39th Anniversary of Earth Day, an event that largely sparked the beginning of the environmental movement in America. Surely the local natural grocery store will have some deals on organic produce and maybe your town will even have a little festival. I think the most important thing to remember about this day, however, is that in 1970 over 20 million Americas took to the streets in peaceful celebration of the Earth and dramatically heightened peer and government awareness about environmental issues in a society where eco-awareness was still a very fresh concept. Most advances in environmental protection and conservation legislature came as a direct result of this unique occasion. So, in addition to taking full advantage of store wide food samples and R.E.I. 'green' discounts, I encourage you to engage your awareness of the environment and make the full cycle of learning take place. One is only truly educated if their actions reflect their stated values. 

OKAY enough news.. Isn't this supposed to be a climbing site??? Well check this gem out! Rocky Mountain Highball is droppin' finally, a week from today (Monday the 27th). This film is a 'Dog-Town and Z-Boys' type flick that interviews some of the greatest legends in the sport as well as tons of fresh talent. It boasts killer footage in HD, a dope soundtrack and represents the rocky mountain region to the fullest. Plus I'm in it!!! Tickets are available at the BRC or at the Boulder Theatre Box Office- this WILL for sure sell out, so go get em!!

Photo: Andy Mann shot me up on 'JUMP' at the industrial wall.