Tuesday, April 7


Front Range weather is looking up. And just in time cause I'm about to take off! I'm headed out to New York City.. you know the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, GothaItalicm. I will be visiting my best of friends that go way back and ripping up the big city for my first time.

I have been feeling increasingly powerful (finally!) recently, most likely due to my continued efforts to rock climb sans rope. I am not super fond of this 'resting' thing everyone is doing now-a-days, but I suppose it could be okay for a bit. While this is by no means a climbing trip (more of a, brutal-hang-over-fades-directly-into-following-night-of-drinking type vacation), hopefully I will do a little climbing, even if it's plastic climbing. I hear it costs $8.75 for a hotdog in the Big Apple, so the climbing gym will put me over budget without question. 

Do you live in New York? Wanna pull down? Wanna come and grab a drink with us? I finally got some styling product for my faux-hawk so I will fit in amongst the fashionable sunglass wearing, prada bag totting folks and show NYC how to make that Arcteryx button up and Sportiva approach shoes look GOOD. The weekend will be photo documented and undoubtable entertaining - stay tuned. 

Photo: Thailand Bouldering.. Thanks CMRCA