Thursday, April 30

The Rocky Mountain Highball premier went off really well and I know that Andy, Scott and Alden are all super excited with its success. Hopefully you were able to make it out, but if not check the Rocky Mountain Highball website for upcoming showings. The film is definitely worthy. Awesome interviews, brilliant editing plus some burl and classics to inspire.
I am a few steps closer to freedom as I continue to grind through endless school work, BUT! alas the weather is great and next tuesday is the end to my formal education (for the mean time at least) and the beginning to my dream life as a dirt bag full-time struggling athlete! Good luck to everybody out there in the thick of finals. Keep your head up!!
I included a photo of myself on the second ascent (?) of the wicked TC bolted slab at Rock of Ages called Telekinesis (5.13) I love heinous slabs, I know it's weird..