Monday, June 8

In loving memory

Along with so many other hopeful members of the community, family and friends, I have been checking the updated status of our lost friends in China on nearly every hour. It deeply saddens me to read that at this point, both Wade Johnson and Jonny Copp have been positively identified in what seems to be the path of a devastating avalanche. The search continues for Micah Dash as Nick Martino and Eric Decaria have now arrived in the region. 

This event has inspired yet another contemplation on death after I had just experiencing my Grandfather's funeral 10 days ago and mourned the death of my Aunt just weeks before that. This event is different in that these people were young, very strong and their passing was all but expected. TS Eliot wrote that 'Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go'. I hope that climbing mountains has brought immeasurable insight and joy into the lives of these three men. For more intimate words on these guys and their journey visit

The global climbing community, along with countless friends and family have suffered the loss of some really amazing and influential people. I pass on my best wishes to everyone who feels this loss.