Sunday, June 21

to the Iris

Ahhhh.. packing up again- time to escape the heat and sample a plethora of new quality up at Wild Iris! I'm headed out of town monday morning and, weather permitting, I'll be there through the weekend. My luck with weather in the Lander area has been about 50%, so I've got my fingers crossed and my rain parka packed. My dad and I are heading up together, for the father-son send train. He's on top of his game at 59, sending the flatirons classic 'Powerbulge' 12+ just last week. 

Around here I've been trying my best to ride the momentum from a successful few weeks, but it has been a bit grim! The other day when I was greasing off a new area sport climbing classic, a massive beetle fell off a freshly cleaned hold and into my pants- this was quite possibly the most exciting climbing experience I've had since sending Primetime.. It was amazing though!!

I'm only half-kidding. I did get out to my favorite crag, the Monastery, for a nice day with Marisa yesterday. I ran a couple repeats on the amazing 'Quickening' 13c and the not-to-be-missed 'Psychotomic' 12d - two premier Colorado sport climbs. She top-roped the SH*T out of the crag as well- go Marisa! Today I motored up to the Satellite Boulders, dodging and weaving through a massive crowd of fathers day hikers. The heat made 'Turning Point' feel a few numbers harder and the crowds made my psych level plummet, but it's always worth it to get out.

Now I'm flipping through guide books, buying groceries and hoping that a little mono-training will pay off up at the beautiful Iris.. It'll be my first time.

Photo: B Real climbs Psychotomic