Friday, July 17

Almost Launch Time

It's about time to take this show on the road. My good friend and wicked photographer Andy Mann and I are hitting the pavement and clocking the mileage starting early next week. The three week road trip all evolved from the news of my high school friends wedding. I got Andy hooked up with shooting the wedding, I sent in my positive RSVP and thus a road trip was born. The goals of the trip are very much in consistent evolution, other than being in Salt Lake one day next week, and in Tacoma, Washington by August 2nd. Everything in between, before and after is up for debate and given our over-the-top psych level we are being easily persuaded. A rough guess goes a little something like this:

-Mill Creek, UT
-SLC and the Trade Show
-City of Rocks, ID
-Boise Area Pebble Pulling , ID
-Riggins, ID
-Deep Creek, WA
-Index, WA

I would be more than stoked if this was the final roster, many of these area have been on my to-go map for ages. We might hit half on the way out and half on the way back. Or screw it all and go straight to Tacoma, Washington for their world renowned beaches!! oh wait, maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else. Anyways, we are stoked, and a number of locals have offered up tours and hospitality. I will be staying digital throughout the trip so expect some quality shots from the A Mann. Got any suggestions? What's the secret beta?! Want to let us crash on your floor?! feel free to post up.

In the meantime, I'm going to the big mountains again in search of a little misery (or perhaps a lot). My Dad and I are heading into Glacier Gorge tomorrow to tear up some tall cliffs. I'll be continuing to put the test to the Metolius Mastercam, which has proven to be an excellent companion to their TCU's. A set of each is a must in the Colorado alpine. The weekend looks great around here, so hopefully you'll be out as well. 

Photo: A squirrel gets caught eating my bird feeder (not the bird seed, the feeder itself) and flees the scene via 10 foot deck-to-tree jump. I laughed tirelessly at this photo- hope you do too.