Friday, August 28

JSTAR @ 24

I successfully completed my 24th revolution around the sun yesterday! And it was a killer birthday up here in Estes, with a gaggle of old and new friends sampling some of the routes I've worked to establish at the Wizard's Gate over the past couple weeks. A brand spanking new line that I bolted on Wednesday during rolling thunder storms and occasional rain went down yesterday. It's a mega-pitch that extends the former 5.11 called 'Guillotine' into a mind bending 30+ meter climb that tackles a beautiful panel of near featureless granite and a number of interesting mini-roofs. Somewhere in the 12+/13- range, the beast is called 'Afterlife' and saw three ascents yesterday by myself, Tommy Caldwell and Kelly Cordes.
Andy Mann was there dangling on a rope and learning new static line ascending techniques that made hilarious entertainment for Kevin Jorgeson and myself- sorry Andy, shit was really funny though. BUT! as to be expected he captured some incredible photos of myself on my climb 'Cloak and Dagger' 13c (stay tuned for a preview). This climb also saw some additional traffic throughout the day, although it still awaits a repeat (which my guess will go down ASAP when Kevin acclimates or when Tommy returns from the mid-west).
Throughout the day, I received great positive feedback all around on the routes and the crag itself, which is music to my ears after spending many days of work and hundreds of dollars on the area- which has all been very well worth it. Stoked that people are enjoying it!

I'm still ambitious to to establish a couple more routes, 2 being fully trad lines and perhaps another moderate sport route here and there to fill some grade gaps. For the meantime, I'm going to put the drill away and just climb for a few days, as well as celebrate my birthday.

-On that note.. If you are in the Boulder area, make sure to check out DIRT MONKEY vs. NICK at the b.side lounge tonight (aug 28 @ 9pm- close) and give me a high five while you're at it cause I'll be there!

-the Incredible artist Janet Guenther is having an art opening at the b.side on Tuesday sept 1st @ 7pm, followed with beats by Dirt Monkey. Her work is AMAZING.

-Also.. The film series REEL ROCK FILM TOUR is opening in Boulder soon (sept 10 @ 7pm) featuring amazing footage of my friends Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson along with a slew of others. Not to be missed. Seriously.