Monday, January 18


It was exactly two months ago that I found myself frantic. Hunched over a 'to-do' list, scribbling down non-sense tasks faster than I could ever imagine crossing them off. Last-minute joys and responsibilities alike would invariably have to be dismissed in the face of an impeding departure. It's in the last few days before a trip (or return) that I find my bubbling excitement and expectations suddenly flip. It's as though I'm into my running start off the high-dive with a smile ear-to-ear, but the moment I bend my knees to jump, I immediately start thinking about how I can somehow grab the edge on my way down. Ever since I re-booked an early return ticket to the states I have admittedly been day-dreaming about cool temperatures, lengthy BRC training sessions, Paige's pillowie comforter (and her company too of course), Whole Foods bulk isle thievery, my amazing friends and family, micro brew beer and so on.. but now, in my final few days in Asia I'm suddenly coming to terms with all that I'm leaving behind, and similar to two months ago.. struggling to fit it all in.

The truth is I've had an amazing trip, and looking back over my photographs has thoroughly reminded me of it- adventures like learning to drive a motorcycle in rush hour traffic, a traditional Northern Thai wedding, exploring Hong-Kong on a tight budget, completing my first (well first 6 I suppose) 5.14 on foreign soil during a 2 week trip to the Chinese climbing mecca of Yangshuo, laying siege to dance-floors across Shanghai with great friends and re-connecting with the amazing climbing community here in Northern Thailand. A copious amount of stories are laced between all of said experiences that will have to wait until we have a chance to bullshit in person. I love traveling in Asia and I'll surly be excited to share a few tales.. so buy me a beer and I'll get right into it!

After a heinous couple days of travel I will be rolling into SLC for the culture-shock inducing experience that will be the Winter Outdoor Retailer, but for now I've got delicious food to eat, favorite temples to see, markets to wander and exhaust-filled traffic to weave through- time to soak it up.. its my last couple days!

hope you enjoy a handful of (fresh) photos celebrating my last two months- I feel very fortunate to have had such a varied, successful and inspiring trip.. cheers!

Tung Lung Island, Hong Kong
population.. DENSITY- Mainland, China
a humbling rest-day at the HangDong golf course, Thailand *read: I SUCK at golf
Thunder 14a, Yangshuo
No Guarantee 13b/c, Yangshuo
singha induced spin class