Thursday, February 4


A routine can either be empowering or debilitating. A little too much routine will eventually bore anyone out of their mind- be it consciously or not. But sometimes a routine can really aid in mental / physical regrouping- which is just what I needed after a couple months solo in Asia. I've been home long enough now that something of a routine has emerged, just in time for me to plan my next escape from it.

I've been training at nearly full-tilt, sweating out the last of that delicious Thai green curry that's been racing through my veins for some time now. Unfortunately I returned home with something more than an unsatisfiable desire for spicy food- an injury.. I'm incredibly lucky to announce that this is my worst ever climbing related injury (actually not being sarcastic- I've been very fortunate to avoid / prevent / quickly treat undoubtedly a lot of potential injury over the years). I'm almost certain at this point, after chatting with numerous doctors and healers, that I've slightly torn / damaged a ligament in my middle finger. Lateral movements are a bit painful as are some handholds, but I can actually still pull down just fine- and I have been, at an exhausting rate.

Paige Claassen is gonna DESTROY 2010
Based on a bunch of suggestions, I've been using a Chinese poultice at night, sometimes icing, taking MSM, massaging with arnica, taping, and singing my finger to sleep with sweet lullabies at night. Something, or everything, or nothing (?) is helping- but I'm slowly feeling improvement. I would guess that adding rest to that list of treatments would work wonders, but I'm just too damn inspired right now to think of non-climbing.. got big plans for this year!!

Among inspiring news, I'm stoked to announce my fresh partnership with Odwalla. Anyone who has tried their line of bars knows they mean business- 11 different flavors, healthy ingredients, delicious. I'm stoked to team up with such an environmentally and socially responsible company who is prime to break into the outdoor industry- keep an eye out!

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rouge puppy stole my socks! wtf!? andy mann catches the ACTION
Lastly.. I'm COMMITTED to enhancing your visual experience on my site- so get ready for JSTARINORBIT version 4.0 featuring way more photographic content!!