Sunday, April 25

Colorado Burl VOL 2!

Are you a Front Range Freak, upset by continued wintery conditions, just dying for some quality psych-heightening Colorado love??!!?! Well, have we got just the event for you! Join myself, pro photog Andy Mann and my boy Matt Wilder for an evening of jaw-dropping Colorado imagery, community building, story telling, trivia, ridiculous raffling, hooting and (last but not least) hollering at Neptune Mountaineering- this upcoming Thursday April 29 at 8pm. Andy and I put on a killer slide-show last fall that we have improved and polished for a part 2 showing. This FREE show, titled 'Colorado Burl', is a first hand audio/visual tour of Front Range classic (and brand new) test-pieces that is sure to inspire. If photos aren't your thing, you're sure to get stoked on a wicked raffle ($5) generously sponsored by Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware and Mountain Smith.. plus we have Avery beer!

To wet your appetite for Andy Mann Photo quality- have a look at some wicked images has posted on our road trip through the North-West last fall. See you guys n gals Thursday!!