Saturday, September 11


Like I've mentioned before, one of the key ingredients to a project is investment. I make a lot of day to day sacrifices in my life for climbing, but when I become really focused on a goal it's hard for me to think about much else. At work, laying in bed, eating breakfast, watching movies.. I'm still rehearsing beta in my head or contemplating logistics. It may seem like a curse to some.. obsession to others.. but this is just a raw representation of commitment. If you find yourself experiencing such symptoms, don't be afraid: you're just STOKED and it's OKAY!!
colors changed significantly since last week
Patty's in New Castle = Awesome
My dad and I returned to the Fortress this past Wednesday and Thursday. We arrived at the crag soaked from minimal bushwhacking through damp shrubbery and a healthy hike in drizzle. I actually prefer damp climates for climbing given that I have unusually dry skin- so I was stoked. This would be my third day on the route, and at this point things really started to come together. I established a high point from the ground, and managed a key stage in any project.. the psych-inducing 1 hang. Rapidly my goal for the two day working session was complete and without hesitation I set a new one: to return the following day and finish the route.
trailhead psyched
Expectations however, are more often a burden than an inspiration. The next day, high winds and extreme dryness (along with my tired ass) shut me down. I'll admit I left the crag disappointed.. silly expectations! Although I did establish a important new high point twice, as well as 1 hanging the route again. I'm stoked to be feeling rapid gains from a successful summer season of climbing and more recently training, which leads me to believe that I could potentially be on the edge of a fresh breakthrough- which would be my first since early October '09. I'm a total believer in the application of the power curve to progress in (at least my own) climbing ability. As I've become stronger and/or more skilled, the plateaus between breakthroughs have become much longer and increasingly harder to surmount.
Needless to say, I'm very excited about my progress. I feel like there ain't nothing to it but to do it at this point and I'm too stoked to be picky about weather so I'll just keep tossing myself at the beast 'til it lets me clip some chains! I'm heading up tomorrow.