Sunday, October 31

action packed

After an action packed short trip back to Boulder celebrating special occasions of all kinds, I'm wiping off some residual halloween face-paint and thinking over the last week and the upcoming month.. sitting in seat 14d on my return flight to Kentucky. Now that my hangover is subsiding a bit, I've finally had the chance to reflect on the awesomeness of this last week.

A beautiful wedding, birthday parties, a root canal (not quite as cool), a ridiculously radical halloween, farmers markets, great friends, dogs, celebrating.. you get the idea. Not a whole lot of climbing, but that's what the Red is for. Stoked to be back!

Matt and Sandy's Sunrise Ceremony was amazing

good people. Andy Mann image

pure artistry

Pretty psyched on my pumpkin

not sure what exactly I was going for..

absolutely killer night out

Tomorrow morning I'll be pulling onto Kentucky sandstone once again, and with a killer forecast in sight, I'm hopeful to get some things done. Here comes November!!