Monday, December 20

midwest bound

It's been a while since I was around the U.S. for the holiday season, and while certain opportunities to travel will always trump sticking around for the gnarly weather, I must say I do have a soft spot for xmas lights, cookies, visiting with family and eggnog. On the food front, I'll certainly be getting my fill over the next week as I travel to the Mid-West to see my extended family. That's right, I'm a Wisconsin boy, and (in an unshameful way) proud of it!
holidays are delicious
Aside from gifts, good food and enjoyable company, I've also been bouldering a little more - in an attempt to attack my (shameful) weakness. I've bouldered here and there over the past couple years, but never have I taken it seriously. I've known for some time now that to achieve next level in my route climbing abilities, I need to be more capable of doing isolated and very difficult movement. I rarely fail from pump any more, but single moves definitely shut me down. My ability on boulders is embarrassingly poor in comparison to my abilities on routes. I'm really going to work at it, in the hopes that an improved foundation of power and strength will be the missing link to my next route climbing goals... but damn is it humbling!!

The success and positive feedback regarding the Pure Imagination video has been super inspiring - I know that Andy worked hard to make this little video near-perfect, and thus I'm stoked to see such a great reaction from the community. We're overwhelmed with ideas and psyched to create more! The Twenty Four Karats video that I shot with the other half of Three Strings Media, Keith Ladzinski, is set to release any time now.
at the BRC, we always set routes in hot pants
If you need a last minute gift idea, or the holiday blues have got you fiending for a good laugh - take a minute and check out the Men of Route Setting Calendar that LT11, Baskit and a slew of fantastic route setters put together. It's nothing short of hilarious, and for $3 you can support the AccessFund and buy the gift of all gifts for your girlfriend.. HILARIOUS!