Friday, February 4

back from the dead

After a number of back-to-back 6 hour training days, with a unrealistic amount of sleep in between, I arrived at work at 7am last friday with likely zero immune system remaining. Well, lucky for me there was a BRC route setting plague going around, and within a few hours I had fallen victim to it. My sickness took it's usual path directly to my sinuses, and within a day or two I was bed ridden with the worst illness I've suffered in years. A trip to the doctor, meds, an embarrassing amount of HULU watching (several times I received the 'Need a break? you've been watching for over 3 hours' message), nearly a full week of feverish nights and countless pots of tea later, I'm finally emerging from the dead.

As I was couch bound and unable to train my psych for this rapidly approaching return to Vegas has been overwhelming - no doubt it didn't help that it has been utterly frigid in Boulder nearly all week (highs in the single digits). I'm hopeful that I can make good use of the next week by getting some of my strength back and completely clearing this illness in the process.
Boulder melts.
Anyways... the slide-show last week went super well. We counted around 80-90 people, and just from raffle tickets we raised nearly $250 for the Access Fund. Andy Mann and I have done some killer shows in our day, but this was the largest crowd I had ever addressed alone - I've gotten quite a bit of great feedback, so I'm psyched! It looks like my next show will either be at the Red Rock Rendezvous on behalf of LaSportiva, or perhaps at the Lander Climbers Fest this upcoming summer (or both!).
If you live in the front range you will find me doing an extended interview on radio 1190 tonight beginning at 9pm - tune in and check it out if you can, otherwise I'll post a link where it will be available to download later on.

Lastly, I must say, that while I know little to nothing about sports, I am a die hard Packers fan (especially when they make their way to the Super Bowl) and will be cheering like a true American this Sunday in the name of my birthplace.. Wisconsin. Psyched!!
Hope you all are staying healthy and psyched, cheers!